What does QUILTBAG mean?
QUILTBAG stands for Queer/Questioning, Undecided/Unsure, Intersex, Lesbian, Trans*, Bisexual, Asexual, and Gay/Genderqueer. It's an all-inclusive acronym that encompasses all colors of the rainbow.

Can I volunteer to help at the conference?
Yes! Check out our Volunteer Sign Up page. We have a limited number of volunteer spots each year, and they fill up quickly.

Can I request a refund of my registration fees?
Registration is non-refundable. Most of the time, the money we've received from registration has already been paid out to the hotel, caterer, performers, or used to purchase supplies for the con. We do happily transfer registrations should you find a friend or colleague who would like to go in your place. Just notify us of that transfer and provide us with proof of payment, and we will gladly swap the registrations.

Can I request a refund of my premium event ticket?
We do refund payments for premium event tickets that an attendee cannot use. Refunds will only be issued until December 31, 2016, at which time all ticket fees are non-refundable.

I want a t-shirt, but didn't pre-order one.
We offer a very limited amount of stock of t-shirts to be bought at the con. If you think you might want a t-shirt, be sure to pre-order it during the pre-order window as we otherwise cannot promise to have your size available at the con itself.


I can't afford the hotel room on my own. What are my options?
The Holiday Inn Westshore allows for up to four (4) people to share a single room. Once you have registered, you will be added to the RainbowCon mailing list where we will have a database for people looking to share rooms. Sharing a room is the best way to afford the hotel stay.

Does the hotel have free wi-fi?
Yes! In the rooms and in common spaces as well as the con space.

Does the hotel charge for parking?
No! Hotel parking is free both in their parking lot and their parking garage.

Does the hotel have a shuttle service?
Yes! It will pick attendees up from the airport, take them to the airport, and transport them anywhere in a 3 mile radius of the hotel, all for free.

Does the hotel offer free breakfast?
Breakfast is optional, and it is something that must be paid for. Attendees of RainbowCon staying at the hotel are given a discount on their breakfast costs. Breakfast is $10 per person, per day.


What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept PayPal through the website and direct credit card payments over the phone. We also accept money orders and checks. Money orders and checks must be received with 14 days of registration. Money orders and checks can be made out to Rainbow Conference LLC. All payments can be mailed:

Rainbow Conference
11502 Addison Chase Drive
Riverview, Florida 33579


Can an industry professional who is registered as a general attendee still promote themselves?
Yes! Registering as an industry professional gives industry professionals the opportunity to take part in the signings, the readings, and gives industry professionals the chance to include promo in the welcome bags. If you miss out on industry registration, you can still register as a general attendee and be free to pass out your card, promo material, or sell items from your room while attending. You don't stop being an industry professional just because we ran out of an industry professional registrations!

I want to register as an industry professional, but I also want to sell my goods. What do I do?
Industry Registration is $175, and that gives professionals access to the signing, readings, panel placement, and space in the welcome bag. From there, you can customize your registration by adding a vending table (either half or whole), buying space on our USB drive, buying ad space in our program, and whether or not you want to attend the premium events.

I registered using the basic Industry Registration without adding a vending space; when can I sell my goods?
Industry professionals who register using the Industry Registration option without adding a table to their registration can sell their goods throughout the con from their rooms, but also have the ability to sell their goods during the signing and reading events.

Is there a waitlist for industry professionals interested in industry registration, but who missed those 50 initial spots?
Yes, there is. If you have registered as a general attendee but are interested in being on the industry waitlist, please email S.L. Armstrong at slarmstrong@rainbowconference.org.

I write with a co-author, and we both want to attend. Can we just pay for one registration between the two of us?
No. You must purchase two registrations. If only one author wants to be on panels and at the author events, only one needs to register as an industry professional. If both co-authors want to attend all the author events and be on panels, both must register as industry professionals. If you want to share a vending table in the Dealers Room, only one of you needs to buy a table, though.

I'm a registered industry professional. Do I have to stay on sight from 10am until 10pm, or can I leave the hotel to sight see?
Yes, of course you can leave! All we ask is that, if you are scheduled for a panel, you make every effort to be there. If you can't attend one of you panels, please let us know so we can assign another individual the panel in your place. If you plan to miss any of the group author events, please notify us immediately so we don't set up a space for you.

What is the difference between a guest and a registered industry professional?
A guest is an industry professional RainbowCon has invited and comped their registration fee. We allow a limited number of these, and they tend to be applied to reviewers, artists, actors, and authors of very niche material. A registered industry professional has paid to attend, and they are given space at the signing, the readings, panel placement, and space to place promo material in the welcome bags.